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Reasons To Join The Watch Collectors Club

  • Appraisals & RequestWhat is your watch worth?

    Is your watch valuable? Get the answers to your questions by uploading your watch information to the server.

  • Show Off Your CollectionWho has the best watch?

    Upload your watch photos to the community and see others collections for inspiration.

  • Top SecurityLearn how to protect your collection

    A watch collection without proper security measures, is a disaster waiting to happen. Learn where to find the best watch cases.

  • Stay Up To DateGet the latest watch industry news

    Find out the dates to Jewelry and Watch Collecting conferences and organizations.

Free Watch Collection Software (WINDOWS)Grow and Organize Your Entire Watch Collection

If you are a true Watch Collector you should organize your watches with this fantastic free watch collection software. Now is the time to keep your watches organized on your PC for tracking and collectors purposes.

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Join The Community Add Your Watch To The 10,100+ Gallery Images

Our community has grown during the past 6 years and we continue to provide free service for users to upload their watches to the gallery and request information regarding their watch collection.

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Download Our Watch Keeper Collector AppFor iPhone, iPad & Android (Coming Soon) Devices

Are you apart of the Watch Collectors Club? Quickly catalog and manage all of the watches that you own. Add information, images, serial number and other notes that you may have. Keep your watch collection safe and save all of the information from the first day you acquire your watch. Rate your watches current condition with the rater slider.

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If Your Watch Worth Collecting

The value of your watch can be accessed by you the owner based on age, sentimental value and quality. Watches that may mean less to you are valuable to others and that is where a professional appraiser can get you top dollar on your collectible.

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What's included

Full Watch Appraisal from professionals to allocate the best price during auctions.

  • Access to buyers
  • Full appraisals
  • Auction predictions
  • Identify Replicas
  • Example Appraisals
  • Fast support
  • Find Out Where To Buy Valued Items

    Jewelry Exhibitions, online auctions, offline auctions and jewelerers watch sales are great for collectors, however, check some of the requirements and signs of buying a watch.

  • Avoid Fraud & Other Imposters

    Learn how to avoid scams and other counterfeit watches from scam artist they exist. Luxury and fine watches all have unique identities to help you track its originality.

Selling Your Watch & Getting The Maximum Value

Research is most important factor that will help you get the maximum value of your watch collection. Let us show you more secrets to getting the best offer for your watch collectible.


Find out the grade of your watch. Many variables are configured into watch appraisals.

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Watch Collectors Reference For Life!!

With the Watch Collectors Club apps and software, you can track, save and show off your watches to the world. What is a nice watch that people cannot see. Time is for telling stories and history behind it. Read the features of each software and app created by us, for us and more importantly for you.

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  • iPhone & iPad$2.99

    The Watch Collectors Club new app for iDevices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad is developed for users to keep track of industry news, offers, upload and view your images in the Gallery with over 600 members.

  • Android$1.99

    Duplicating the information above, created for users with Android systems on mobile phones, tablets and book readers such as the Kindle Fire & Nook.

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7Free

    The flagship software for the Watch Collectors Club was designed to help collectors keep track of their watches, by uploading data such as the Brand, Price, Value, Features and Photo upload. Free for all members.

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